L'équipe du département de pharmacologie






Université Bordeaux 2 CHU de Bordeaux INSERM
Département Hospitalo-Universitaire de Pharmacologie de Bordeaux

Localization of the Pharmacology Department

The different parts of the Department of Pharmacology are situated on the campus of Pellegrin Hospital, part of the Bordeaux Teaching Hospitals and the University Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2 (see maps below).


Building 1A of the North zone
Ground and 1 st floor

Tondu Hospital
1 st floor

The "Tripode" building of the Pellegrin Hospital
2nd floor "plateau technique"

The "Plot" building
3rd block, 3rd floor




  • From the Bordeaux Saint-Jean railway station (~30 min).
    Bus N°9
    From "Gare Saint-Jean" (in direction of "Place Maran")
    To "Stade Chaban Delmas".
    Then Tram Line A:
    From "Stade Chaban Delmas" (in direction of "Mérignac Centre")
    To "Saint-Augustin" or "Hôpital Pellegrin"
  • From the Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (~45 min)
    Bus N°49
    From "Mérignac Aéroport " (in direction of " Bordeaux 2")
    To "Lycées de Mérignac".
    Then Tram line A:
    From "Lycées de Mérignac" (in direction of "Floirac Dravemont")
    To "Saint-Augustin" or "Hôpital Pellegrin"
  • From other parts of Bordeaux.
    Tram stops Line A:
    "Hôpital Pellegrin" and "Saint-Augustin".
    Buses N°11, 41 & 49: "Hôpital Pellegrin entrée" bus stop.
    Bus N° 13: "Jacquet" bus stop


  • The different buildings and components of the Department of Pharmacology are indicated by pink pins
  • The campus entrances are indicated by blue pins
  • For each point of interest indicated on the map, you will find tools to plan an itinerary.