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  • M.Sc. in Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance

Master 2 Pharmacology, tracks Pharmaco-épidémiologie, Pharmacovigilance and evaluation of medicines usage

Coordinators: Annie Fourrier-Réglat – Antoine Pariente



To understand the legal and scientific context of post-market evaluation of medicines.

To acquire the scientific skills to set up and conduct such studies, notably:

  • To know how to formulate a research question
  • To know how to design a study
  • To know the concerns and methods to evaluate medicines after their marketing
  • To know the principal sources of drug exposure data
  • To acquire skills in the analysis and interpretation of these studies.



Specialization tracks
- Pharmacoepidemiology
- Pharmacovigilance
- Evaluation of medicines usage
Theoretical training (30 ECTS) September -January:
- 6 core training modules mandatory for all tracks
- 2 training modules mandatory for each tracks
- 2 training modules at their choice for all the tracks.

Internship  (30 ECTS) From February to June validated by the writing of a report and the oral defense of a research project




  • Physicians, pharmacists, medical and pharmacy students
  • Dental surgeons and veterinarians
  • Live and health scientists
  • Relevant professional experience in the field
  • Students with equivalent background from other European university



Registrations after validation of the pre-registration file by the pedagogical committee.

The pre-registration file can be uploaded in March 2016 at the following address: https://sante.u-bordeaux.fr/Formations/Candidater