L'équipe du département de pharmacologie






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Département Hospitalo-Universitaire de Pharmacologie de Bordeaux

Pharmacotoxicology Laboratory activities

The Pharmacotoxicology Laboratory provides drug and toxic substance dosages for :

  • the therapeutic dose adjustment
  • medical toxicology
  • forensic toxicology


The Pharmacotoxicology Laboratory leads research in several fields, most notably:

  • Forensics in collaboration with the Hosptital Forensics Group, coordinated by Dr Karine TITIER
  • Health work environement in collaboration with the Occupational health department, coordinated by Dr Mireille CANAL-RAFFIN
  • Pharmacogenetics in collaboration witht the Haematology department, coordinated by Dr Stéphane BOUCHET


This work is performed with a team composed of 6 technicians led by 5 scientists.

The laboratory has at its disposal analytical equipment, in particular: 1 QuattroMicro QLC/MSMS, 2 TQD UPLC/MSMS, 1 GC-FID, 1 atomic adsorption spectrometer and several LC-DADs.

The laboratory is accredited by the hospital and follows different quality controls (AFSSAPS, ASQUALAB, HOLT, SFTA).