L'équipe du département de pharmacologie






Université Bordeaux 2 CHU de Bordeaux INSERM
Département Hospitalo-Universitaire de Pharmacologie de Bordeaux

Activities of the Clinical Pharmacology Unit

1) Methodological and logistical support for clinical drug trials

  • Cost evaluation and financial management
  • Drafting of protocols and appendicies
  • Administrative and regulatory declarations (CCP SOOM3, relevant authorities, CNIL/CCTIRS, CNOM, ClinicalTrials)
  • Statistical analysis
  • Drafting of reports
  • Drafting and expert appraisal of articles
  • Follow-up and quality control of studies


2) Clinical trials

In collaboration with the Clinical Investigation Center 1401 Bordeaux - Plurithematic module, the Clinical Pharmacology Unit carries out clinical trials within platforms dedicated to clinical research (experienced personnel and technical investigation equipment) and located at the Bordeaux teaching hospital.


3) Clinical research education and training

  • Academic certificate programme for clinical research associates and clinical trial technicians (DIU FARC-TEC)
  • Academic certificate programme for clinical investigators (DIU FIEC)


4) Students internship

  • MD and PharmD in Clinical Research training
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • MSc students
  • Pharmacy externs
  • Residents in medicine and pharmacy