L'équipe du département de pharmacologie






Université Bordeaux 2 CHU de Bordeaux INSERM
Département Hospitalo-Universitaire de Pharmacologie de Bordeaux

Activities of the Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory

Respiratory Pharmacology (Mathieu Molimard, PU-PH)

Studies on the bronchial motility and reactivity (Pr M. Molimard, Dr P.-O. Girodet), in collaboration with the INSERM Unit 885, IFR4 (Pr R. Marthan).

These studies prepare and support clinical trials and epidemiological studies, notably in the treatment of asthma.


Toxicology (Karine Titier, PH)

Development and validation of new methods for the quantification of medicines and toxics.

Fields of application:

  • Quantification methods of the Pharmacotoxicology Laboratory
  • Clinical Pharmacology Unit studies
    • Bioequivalence
    • Drug-drug interactions
    • Others
  • Drug tissue fixation studies, in collaboration with Forensic Science (Pr S. Gromb)
  • Studies of pesticides crossing into the cerebrospinal fluid and urine. Performed in the context of Occupational Health studies of neurotoxicity and respiratory toxicity of pesticides (with Dr I. Baldi, Pr P. Brochard).


PhytoPharmacology (Nicholas Moore, PU-PH)

Evaluation and development of substances of natural origin from the traditional materia medica of central Aisia, minor Asia and Africa in the fields of thrombosis, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

This work is performed in collaboration with the Pharmacognosie Laboratory (Dr B. Berké, Dr C. Chèze), the Bordeaux Oenology Research group (UFR d'Oenologie de Bordeaux, PL Tessedre, Dr C. Saucier), the Biochemistry Laboratory of the Bordeaux teaching hospitals (Laboratoire de Biochimie du CHU de Bordeaux, Dr A. Bérard) and the Diabetology department (Service de Diabétologie, Pr H. Gin) in partnership with the Medical University of Xinjiang, Urumqi, Chine (XMU, Pr Halmurat Upur, Pr Anwar Umar, Dr Abdiryim Yusup).