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Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory


The Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory is able to perform studies on isolated organs (bronchial reactivity), in vitro studies (platelet aggreagation, tissue fixation of medicines), whole animal studies (plethysmography, experimental thrombosis, obese or diabetic rat models), as well as the development and undertaking of drug quantification.

The studies performed by the Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory are part of a wider context of research, collaborating with the other entities of the Department. This university laboratory also has a large hospital activity: providing indispensable support to the Pharmaco-toxicology Laboratory and, in the field of biology, to the Clinical Pharmacology Unit.

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Laboratoire de Pharmacologie expérimentale

Département de Pharmacologie
Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2
Zone Nord - Bâtiment 1A - Case 36
146, rue Léo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux Cedex


Secretary's office : Emmanuelle Cochet
Telephone : +33 5 57 57 15 60
Fax : +33 5 57 57 46 71
email : emmanuelle.cochet@pharmaco.u-bordeaux2.fr





Respiratory pharmacology team

Mathieu Molimard, team leader
Pierre-Olivier Girodet
Béatrice Martinez


Toxicology team

Karine Titier, team leader
Mireille Canal-Raffin
Stéphane Bouchet
Évelyne Déridet


Phytopharmacology team

Nicholas Moore, team leader
Mireille Canal-Raffin
Bénédicte Berké
Catherine Cheze
Anwar Umar
Nawel Hamza

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