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Pr Mathieu Molimard, Deputy head of the Pharmacology Department

Pr Mathieu Molimard

Pr Mathieu Molimard

Professor Mathieu Molimard is MD, PhD and specialised in Pneumology and Pharmacology. His areas of research include the use, adherence and efficacy of medicines in a real-life setting. He has a particular interest in respiratory treatments and targeted therapeutics and the measurement and optimisation of their performance in real-life settings.

Prof. Mathieu Molimard studied medicine at the Pitié Salpêtrière Faculty of Medicine (Paris). He then specialised in Pneumology as a resident of the Paris teaching hospitals and subsequently whilst a registrar at the Saint Louis hospital and Lariboisière Faculty of Medicine (Paris) in parallel to studying Pharmacology (Université Paris V). In 1996 he became a University Lecturer and in 2000 Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Bordeaux.

Prof. Mathieu Molimard is Associate Director of the Department of Pharmacology of Bordeaux. This department has over 100 members of staff and is constituted of: Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacoepidemiology research units, Laboratories for Experimental pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring as well as regional Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacodependence Centres. Prof. Mathieu Molimard develops fundamental and applied research projects in Respiratory Pharmacology as a team-leader in the Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory.


Prof. Mathieu Molimard is also, from 2007, in charge of Biology of the Bordeaux Teaching Hospitals and Member of the Hospital Board.

Prof. Mathieu Molimard has been a member of the French Transparency Commission, a member of the Pneumology-ENT work group for Market Authorisation (a position that he has held for more than ten years) and president of the French College of Medical Pharmacology.

Prof. Mathieu Molimard is the author of over 140 scientific articles.