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Dernière mise à jour des publications: 2019-03-11

  1. Requests for post-registration studies (PRS), patients follow-up in actual practice: Changes in the role of databases
    Therapie. 2017 (73-1) 13-24
    Berdaï D, Thomas-Delecourt F, Szwarcensztein K; Participants of Round Table Clinical research and methodology of Giens XXXIII.
     PubMed citation

  2. Demandes d’études post-inscription (EPI), suivi des patients en vie réelle : évolution de la place des bases de données
    Therapie. 2017 (ahead of print)
    Berdaï D, Thomas-Delecourt F, Szwarcensztein K; table ronde recherche clinique et methodologie des Ateliers de Giens XXXIII, d'Andon A, Collignon C, Comet D, Déal C, Dervaux B, Gaudin AF, Lamarque-Garnier V, Lechat P, Marque S, Maugendre P, Méchin H, Moore N, Nachbaur G, Robain M, Roussel C, Tanti A, Thiessard F.
     PubMed citation

  3. Common variants in glucuronidation enzymes and membrane transporters as potential risk factors for colorectal cancer: a case control study
    BMC Cancer. 2017 (17-1) 901
    Falkowski S, Woillard JB, Postil D, Tubiana-Mathieu N, Terrebonne E, Pariente A, Smith D, Guimbaud R, Thalamas C, Rouguieg-Malki K, Marquet P, Picard N.
     PubMed citation

  4. High throughput routine determination of 17 tyrosine kinase inhibitors by LC-MS/MS
    J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2017 (ahead of print)
    Merienne C, Rousset M, Ducint D, Castaing N, Titier K, Molimard M, Bouchet S.
     PubMed citation

  5. An Automated System Combining Safety Signal Detection and Prioritization from Healthcare Databases: A Pilot Study
    Drug Saf. 2017 (41-4) 377-387
    Arnaud M, Bégaud B, Thiessard F, Jarrion Q, Bezin J, Pariente A, Salvo F.
     PubMed citation

  6. Parachuting psychoactive substances: Pharmacokinetic clues for harm reduction
    Addict Behav. 2017 (78) 173-177
    Daveluy A, Géniaux H, Baumevieille M, Létinier L, Matta MN, Lazès-Charmetant A, Haramburu F, Guéroult P.
     PubMed citation

  7. Constituents and Antioxidant Activity of Bleeding Sap from Various Xinjiang Grapes
    Pharmacogn Mag. 2017 (13-51) 726-730
    Le L, Umar A, Iburaim A, Moore N.
     PubMed citation

  8. Comparison of treatment persistence with dabigatran or rivaroxaban versus vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation patients: a competing risk analysis in the French nationwide healthcare databases
    Pharmacotherapy. 2017 (38-1) 6-18
    Maura G, Billionnet C, Alla F, Gagne JJ, Pariente A.
     PubMed citation

  9. Comparative Safety of Targeted Therapies for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer between Elderly and Younger Patients: a Study Using the International Pharmacovigilance Database
    Target Oncol. 2017 (12-6) 805-814
    Gouverneur A, Claraz P, Rousset M, Arnaud M, Fourrier-Réglat A, Pariente A, Aparicio T, Miremont-Salamé G, Noize P.
     PubMed citation

  10. Risk of motor vehicle accidents related to sleepiness at the wheel: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Sleep. 2017 (40-10)
    Bioulac S, Micoulaud Franchi JA, Arnaud M, Sagaspe P, Moore N, Salvo F, Philip P.
     PubMed citation

  11. Definition of indicators of the appropriateness of oral anticoagulant prescriptions in hospitalized adults: Literature review and consensus (PACHA study)
    Arch Cardiovasc Dis. 2017 (111-3) 155-171
    Petit-Monéger A, Thiessard F, Noize P, Berdaï D, Jouhet V, Saillour-Glénisson F, Salmi LR; PACHA research group.
     PubMed citation

  12. Recurrent herpetic keratitis despite antiviral prophylaxis: A virological and pharmacological study
    Antiviral Res. 2017 (146) 205-212
    Rousseau A, Boutolleau D, Titier K, Bourcier T, Chiquet C, Weber M, Colin J, Gueudry J, M'Garrech M, Bodaghi B, Burrel S, Agut H, Deback C; HEDGOF (Herpes Eye Disease Group of France), Labetoulle M.
     PubMed citation

  13. Cirrhotic patients with portal hypertension-related bleeding and an indication for early-TIPS: a large multicentre audit with real-life results
    J Hepatol. 2017 (ahead of print)
    Thabut D, Pauwels A, Carbonell N, Remy AJ, Nahon P, Causse X, Cervoni JP, Cadranel JF, Archambeaud I, Bramli S, Ehrhard F, Ah-Soune P, Rostain F, Pariente A, Vergniol J, Dupuychaffray JP, Pelletier AL, Skinazi F, Guillygomarc'h A, Vitte RL, Henrion J, Combet S, Rudler M, Bureau C; des Hépato-Gastroentérologues des Hôpitaux Généraux (ANGH).
     PubMed citation

  14. Phase I study of axitinib and everolimus in metastatic solid tumours and extension to metastatic renal cell carcinoma: Results of EVAX study
    Eur J Cancer. 2017 (85) 39-48
    Ravaud A, Gomez-Roca C, Picat MQ, Digue L, Chevreau C, Gimbert A, Chauzit E, Sitta R, Cornelis F, Asselineau J, Aziza R, Daste A, Quemener C, Baud J, Bikfalvi A, Pedenon-Périchout D, Doussau A, Molimard M, Delord JP.
     PubMed citation

  15. Medications recommended for secondary prevention after first acute coronary syndrome: Effectiveness of treatment combinations in real-life setting
    Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2017 (ahead of print)
    Bezin J, Klungel OH, Lassalle R, Dureau-Pournin C, Moore N, Pariente A.
     PubMed citation

  16. Impact of pioglitazone regulatory withdrawal on antidiabetic drug use and health in diabetic patients.
    Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 2017 (73-12) 1655-1663
    Pariente A, Mansiaux Y, Jarné A, Salvo F, Pageot C, Bezin J, Smith A, Bégaud B.
     PubMed citation

  17. Development and validation of hospital information system-generated indicators of the appropriateness of oral anticoagulant prescriptions in hospitalised adults: the PACHA study protocol
    BMJ Open. 2017 (7-8) e016488
    Petit-Monéger A, Thiessard F, Jouhet V, Noize P, Berdaï D, Kret M, Sitta R, Salmi LR, Saillour-Glénisson F; PACHA research group.
     PubMed citation

  18. Inclusion of elderly or frail patients in randomized controlled trials of targeted therapies for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer: A systematic review
    J Geriatr Oncol. 2017 (ahead of print)
    Gouverneur A, Salvo F, Berdaï D, Moore N, Fourrier-Réglat A, Noize P.
     PubMed citation

  19. Self-medication misuse in the Middle East: a systematic literature review
    Pharmacol Res Perspect. 2017
    Khalifeh MM, Moore ND, Salameh PR.
     PubMed citation

  20. National trends in use and costs of oral anticancer drugs in France: An 8-year population-based study
    Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2017 (26-10) 1233-1241
    Bosco-Lévy P, de Boissieu P, Gouverneur A, Noize P, Molimard M, Fourrier-Réglat A, Bezin J.
     PubMed citation

  21. Prevalence and prescription patterns of oral glucocorticoids in adults: a retrospective cross-sectional and cohort analysis in France
    BMJ Open. 2017 (7-7) e015905
    Bénard-Laribière A, Pariente A, Pambrun E, Bégaud B, Fardet L, Noize P.
     PubMed citation

  22. Adherence with direct oral anticoagulants in nonvalvular atrial fibrillation new users and associated factors: a French nationwide cohort study
    Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2017 (26-11) 1367-1377
    Maura G, Pariente A, Alla F, Billionnet C.
     PubMed citation

  23. Management and 3-month outcomes of isolated superficial vein thrombosis of the lower limb: A real-world cohort study
    Thromb Res. 2017 (157) 117-119
    Blin P, Sevestre MA, Pouchain D, Gillet JL.
     PubMed citation

  24. Prescription medicine use by pedestrians and the risk of injurious road traffic crashes: A case-crossover study
    PLoS Med. 2017 (14-7) e1002347
    Née M, Avalos M, Luxcey A, Contrand B, Salmi LR, Fourrier-Réglat A, Gadegbeku B, Lagarde E, Orriols L.
     PubMed citation

  25. Trough dabrafenib plasma concentrations can predict occurrence of adverse events requiring dose reduction in metastatic melanoma
    Clin Chim Acta. 2017 (472) 26-29
    Rousset M, Dutriaux C, Bosco-Lévy P, Prey S, Pham-Ledard A, Dousset L, Gérard E, Bouchet S, Canal-Raffin M, Titier K, Molimard M.
     PubMed citation

  26. Assessing drug causality: it is time to become European!
    Pharmacol Res. 2017 (123) 158
    Bégaud B.
     PubMed citation

  27. A call to incorporate systems theory and human factors into the existing investigation of harm in clinical research involving healthcare products
    Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2017 (83-11) 2339-2342
    Bégaud B, Daemen E, Dokas I, Edwards B, Fishbein JM, Greenberg HE, Hochberg A, Le Louet H, Lyngvig J, Mogles N, Owen K, Prendergast C, Rejzek M, Trantza S, Webb D, Whalen M, Whiteley S.
     PubMed citation

  28. Impact of Medicine Withdrawal on Reporting of Adverse Events Involving Therapeutic Alternatives: A Study from the French Spontaneous Reporting Database
    Drug Saf. 2017 (40-11) 1099-1107
    Pageot C, Bezin J, Smith A, Arnaud M, Salvo F, Haramburu F, Bégaud B, Pariente A; French Network of Pharmacovigilance Centres.
     PubMed citation

  29. Road traffic crash risk associated with prescription of hydroxyzine and other sedating H1-antihistamines: A responsibility and case-crossover study
    Accid Anal Prev. 2017 (106) 115-121
    Orriols L, Luxcey A, Contrand B, Bénard-Laribière A, Pariente A, Gadegbeku B, Lagarde E.
     PubMed citation

  30. False-positive results in pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance
    Therapie. 2017 (72-4) 415-420
    Bezin J, Bosco-Levy P, Pariente A.
     PubMed citation

  31. Agreement between hospital discharge diagnosis codes and medical records to identify metastatic colorectal cancer and associated comorbidities in elderly patients
    Rev Epidemiol Sante Publique. 2017 (65-4) 321-325
    Gouverneur A, Dolatkhani D, Rouyer M, Grelaud A, Francis F, Gilleron V, Fourrier-Réglat A, Noize P.
     PubMed citation

  32. Trends in the incidence of use of non-insulin glucose-lowering drugs between 2006 and 2013 in France
    Fundam Clin Pharmacol. 2017 (31-6) 663-675
    Arnaud M, Bezin J, Bégaud B, Pariente A, Salvo F.
     PubMed citation

  33. Real-life patterns of use, safety and effectiveness of sunitinib in first-line therapy of metastatic renal cell carcinoma: the SANTORIN cohort study
    Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2017 (26-12) 1561-1569
    Noize P, Grelaud A, Bay JO, Chevreau C, Gross-Goupil M, Culine S, Ferrière JM, Moulin F, Robinson P, Balestra A, Lamarque S, Bernard MA, Lassalle R, Rouyer M, Droz-Perroteau C, Moore N, Fourrier-Réglat A, Ravaud A.
     PubMed citation

  34. Drug Interaction With Sunitinib and the Evidence of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
    Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2017 (ahead of print)
    Bertolaso P, Gross-Goupil M, Molimard M, Cochin V, Ravaud A, Daste A.
     PubMed citation

  35. Drug Interaction With Sunitinib and the Evidence of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
    Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2017 (15-5) e885-e887
    Bertolaso P, Gross-Goupil M, Molimard M, Cochin V, Ravaud A, Daste A.
     PubMed citation

  36. The national healthcare system claims databases in France, SNIIRAM and EGB: Powerful tools for pharmacoepidemiology
    Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2017 (26-8) 954-962
    Bezin J, Duong M, Lassalle R, Droz C, Pariente A, Blin P, Moore N.
     PubMed citation

  37. Methods for safety signal detection in healthcare databases: a literature review
    Expert Opin Drug Saf. 2017 (16-6) 721-732
    Arnaud M, Bégaud B, Thurin N, Moore N, Pariente A, Salvo F.
     PubMed citation

  38. Hemodialysis does not impact axitinib exposure: clinical case of a patient with metastatic renal cell carcinoma
    Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2017 (79-6) 1273-1276
    Thiery-Vuillemin A, Orillard E, Mouillet G, Calcagno F, Devillard N, Bouchet S, Royer B.
     PubMed citation

  39. Absence of Decline of Kidney Function in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Patients Under Routine Clinical Management
    Nephron. 2017 (136-3) 211-220
    Boucquemont J, Lawson-Ayayi S, Rigothier C, Bonnet F, Proust-Lima C, Neau D, Greib C, Miremont-Salamé G, Dabis F, Dupon M, Dauchy FA; for ANRS C03 Aquitaine Cohort Study Group.
     PubMed citation

  40. Antidepressant use and cognitive decline in community-dwelling elderly people - The Three-City Cohort
    BMC Med. 2017 (15-1) 81
    Carrière I, Norton J, Farré A, Wyart M, Tzourio C, Noize P, Pérès K, Fourrier-Réglat A, Ritchie K, Ancelin ML.
     PubMed citation

  41. An UPLC-MS/MS method for the quantification of BRAF inhibitors (vemurafenib, dabrafenib) and MEK inhibitors (cobimetinib, trametinib, binimetinib) in human plasma. Application to treated melanoma patients
    Clin Chim Acta. 2017 (470) 8-13
    Rousset M, Titier K, Bouchet S, Dutriaux C, Pham-Ledard A, Prey S, Canal-Raffin M, Molimard M.
     PubMed citation

  42. Potential Limitations of a very short course of antimicrobial therapy for VAP
    Clin Infect Dis. 2017 (64-12) 1802-1803
    Boyer A, Leffondre K, Laterrade T, Berdaï D, Gruson D.
     PubMed citation

  43. A multinational, drug utilization study to investigate the use of dexmedetomidine (Dexdor®) in clinical practice in the EU
    Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2017 (83-9) 2066-2076
    Weatherall M, Aantaa R, Conti G, Garratt C, Pohjanjousi P, Lewis MA, Moore N, Perez-Gutthann S.
     PubMed citation

  44. Outcomes in patients after myocardial infarction similar to those of the PEGASUS-TIMI 54 trial: A cohort study in the French national claims database
    Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2017 (83-9) 2056-2065
    Blin P, Dureau-Pournin C, Lassalle R, Jové J, Thomas-Delecourt F, Droz-Perroteau C, Danchin N, Moore N.
     PubMed citation

  45. [Surveillance system on drug abuse: Interest of the French national OPPIDUM program of French addictovigilance network]
    Therapie. 2017 (72-4) 491-501
    Frauger E, Pochard L, Boucherie Q, Giocanti A, Chevallier C, Daveluy A, Gibaja V, Caous AS, Eiden C, Authier N, Le Boisselier R, Guerlais M, Jouanjus É, Lepelley M, Pizzoglio V, Pain S, Richard N, Micallef J; le Réseau français d’addictovigilance.
     PubMed citation

  46. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Treatment Patterns Across Europe: A Population-Based Multi-Database Study
    Clin Ther. 2017 (39-4) 759-770
    Overbeek JA, Heintjes EM, Prieto-Alhambra D, Blin P, Lassalle R, Hall GC, Lapi F, Bianchini E, Hammar N, Bezemer ID, Herings RM.
     PubMed citation

  47. Risk of discontinuation of antipsychotic long-acting injections vs. oral antipsychotics in real-life prescribing practice: a community-based study
    Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2017 (135-5) 429-438
    Verdoux H, Pambrun E, Tournier M, Bezin J, Pariente A.
     PubMed citation

  48. Identifying atrial fibrillation in outpatients initiating oral anticoagulants based on medico-administrative data: results from the French national healthcare databases
    Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2017 (26-5) 535-543
    Billionnet C, Alla F, Bérigaud É, Pariente A, Maura G.
     PubMed citation

  49. Scientific Rationale for Determining the Bioequivalence of Inhaled Drugs
    Clin Pharmacokinet. 2017 (56-10) 1139-1154
    Usmani OS, Molimard M, Gaur V, Gogtay J, Singh GJ, Malhotra G, Derom E.
     PubMed citation

  50. Erratum to: Scaling up strategies of the chronic respiratory disease programme of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (Action Plan B3: Area 5).
    Clin Transl Allergy. 2017 (Feb 20) 7-5
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    Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2017 (26-3) 285-293
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    Diabetes Care. 2017 (40-3) e27-e29
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    Fundam Clin Pharmacol. 2017 (31-1) 104-109
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     PubMed citation

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    Fundam Clin Pharmacol. 2017 (31-1) 126-131
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     PubMed citation

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     PubMed citation

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    Pharmacol Res. 2017 (118) 43-52
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     PubMed citation

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    Arch Cardiovasc Dis. 2017 (110-2) 91-98
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     PubMed citation

  64. News from Tartary: an ethnopharmacological approach to drug and therapeutic discovery
    Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2017 (83-1) 33-37
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